UUA: The Place We Call Home
for mixed chorus (SAB) and piano by Wally Kleucker

The flaming chalice is the symbol of the Unitarian Universalist Association

I've been a Unitarian Universalist since 1966. I learned about Unitarian Universalism from Marie Smith, an English professor I took a class with while attending the St. Louis Institute of Music. She introduced me to Webster Kitchell, the minister of Eliot Unitarian Chapel. It was during the Vietnam war and I sought to become a conscientious objector. It was at this church where I found unconditional love and support and a place I could call home. I wrote "The Place We Call Home" in 2006, forty years later.

"The Unitarian Universalist Association
is the place we call home.
We look with awe at a sunset,
we marvel at rainbows and trees,
We try to respect everyone we meet
and make them feel at ease.

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